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Our Mission 

Bhima Yoga has for mission to spread Yoga philosophy & practice. Certified from the Sivananda lineage, Bhima Yoga offers traditional Hatha Yoga class, meditation, Satsang, workshop & Yoga Adventure. 

We Offer

  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayama Daily Class
  • Meditation & Satsang
  • Private & Group Teaching
  • Workshops
  • Tai Chi & Qui Gong "Coming Soon" 

Class Offered 

Yoga is an art form – Yoga is a science of body mind and soul. Yoga is for everyone, whatever your beliefs regardless of your body shape, whatever your age wherever your path is leading you. Yoga is all about balance of body mind and spirit and and living in the moment

Join us for a class and do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Beginner Yoga

6 Class,
Group Class:
50$/Student "Couple & Group pass available"
Trial Class Free

Beginner Yoga

The gentle yoga classes offer a softer, adapted approach to the classic Sivananda class sequence. ... The class focuses on releasing tension through basic yoga postures and additional adapted stretches, gently working towards increasing flexibility and strength, ending with a deep and complete relaxation of body and mind.
Sivananda Yoga comes from the lineage of Swami Sivananda, as brought to the west by his disciple Swami Vishnudevananda in the late 1950s, making this style of practice an important part of yoga's first wave of popularity outside India. 

Join us for a Beginner Hatha Yoga class lead by one of our Teacher. Come and learn all the essensial to establish a solid foundation for a strong practice. 

Hatha Yoga "Open CLass

All Level Welcome
Group Class
Pre requisite : Understanding of Basic Yoga 
15$/class " Pass & Membership Available"

Open Class "Hatha Yoga"

These classes are open to persons who are familiar with yoga practise.You will expand your regular practice by learning new variations to build strength and flexibility and experience more deeper aspects of Hatha Yoga.These classes includes : relaxation, breathing exercises, sun salutation, The 12 basics postures and their variations and the final relaxation.You will integrate better the 12 basics postures and integrate a personal practice.


Dynamic/Advanced Class

All Level, All Age
Group Class
Pre-Requisite: Understanding of Yoga Pose
15$/Class "Pass & Membership Available" 

Dynamic/Advanced Class

If you are a seasoned practitioner and are keen to deepen your experience further, then this yoga class is for you. In this class pranayama (breathing exercises) rounds are increased, yoga postures are held for longer and advance variations practiced will challenge both body and mind.  Postures being held for longer helps in stilling the mind into silence and also understanding the difference between putting effort into holding a posture (beginner/intermediate) and effortlessly holding a posture (advanced). This class is not suitable for beginners.

Meditation & Satsang

Free "Donation Accepted"
pre Requisite: An Open Heart

Meditation & Satsang

Meditation is only possible if you are able to focus your mind. Concentration strengthens the flow of thought – ideas that were once vague suddenly become clear; what seemed difficult, complex and confusing is now easy to grasp.
Satsang means ‘association with the wise’. It is the heart of yoga practice. Meditating together in a group creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows a deeper experience of meditation. In satsang, people of different levels practice together – from newcomers to experienced yoga teachers.
Satsang consists:
30 minutes of silent group meditation
30 minutes of meditative chanting of mantras and kirtanan
easy-to-follow lecture on yoga philosophy or psychology.


Workshop & Events

Cost according to workshop
Pre Requisite: Depending on worshop or event

Workshop & Event

Join us for one of our worshops or event.
-Chakra & Nadi 
-Mantra & Kirtan 
-Jus Detox
-108 Surya Namask
-Health Chalenge

Event & Conference:
-Possitive Thinking
-The memorie of water
-Sacred stories with Bhima
-Ayurveda Conference
-Adventure Yoga


Chair Yoga

For Everyone, Design for people with limited movement

Chair Yoga

ideal for seniors, those with limited mobility and office workers who need to refresh during the work day. Aging can bring many stresses, from the body weakening to loneliness and depression. Practicing in a chair offers students who unable to get on and off the ground the chance to share in the benefits of yoga. This course will offer you the tools to provide you with the ability to build strength, awareness, confidence and to increase your well-being both physically and mentally.

yin Yoga

15$/class " Pass & Membership Available"
pre Requisite: All levels, Beginner Welcome

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga
A heartwarming and peaceful practice. Yin targets the connective tissues moving past the muscles and into the tendons, ligaments and fascia that is throughout the entire body. We access this through poses that are held for 1-5 minutes to allow the body to feel a deep stretch, opening and releasing tension from deeper tissues. Yin Yoga helps to improve focus by quieting the mind, making it a great aid for learning to sit in meditation.
Yin works with our energy body, clearing blockages and increasing the flow of prana or chi throughout the energy meridians in our body. This helps to maintain healthy organs including the digestive system. Yin yoga is a healing practice for the mind, body and soul.
Beginners welcome.


Restorative Yoga

15$/class " Pass & Membership Available"
pre Requisite: All levels, Beginner Welcome

Restorative Yoga

Taking time for YOU. Restorative yoga is about supporting the mind & body. Through this practice we will create space to fully relax, rejuvenate and heal. We are targeting our parasympathetic system with the goal of switching out of flight or fight mode and into rest and digest. Once there the body is able to begin to heal itself and the mind to fully let go. In class, there will be pranayama (breath work), guided meditation and light music. Poses are held from 5 to 20 minutes. The space is held in upmost safety and honor of the students. Some light massage and/or adjustments from the teacher when permission is given.
Beginners welcome & props provided


 Hatha Yoga 


  • Relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body
  • Builds immunity
  • Strengthens and tones the body
  • Improves Balance and Posture
  • Enhance Quality of Prana
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improve Concentration

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy."

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

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Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is not just a series of Asana, much like any ancestral discipline, yoga cater to the mind body and soul. A discipline "Sadhana" that we include in our day to day lives. Come and learn about Mantra, Mudras, Kriya. Meditation, Kirtan, Chakras and so much more during one of our workshops.

Workshop & Events

Bhima Yoga Shala offers a wide range of workshops & events.  

  • Various Workshops
  • Guest Speaker
  • Concert 
  • Spiritual lectures

“Stretch your mind to expand your soul.” 

Inward is not a direction. Inward is a dimension.

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